ASTROGLOSSARY: Revised Edition

by G. Cyr

ISBN : 978-1-927538-34-0

Mr Cyr had a great love for life, people and our planet.  He touched the lives of everyone he met, and he had sought to inspire us, as humans, to re-connect with each other.

The world of science, and specifically, astronomy became one of Mr Cyr's biggest passions.  It was Mr Cyr's vision in preparing this Astroglossary to inspire a new generation in our awakening as members of this great universe.  Mr Cyr also shared a deep appreciation of the need to act as socially responsible custodians of our planet.

Knowing critical terms which help to educate us in the wonders of this universe is a first step in pursuing the kind of advanced knowledge of our universe and our place in it which will hopefully enable us all to share in a needed new direction in this cosmos.

However, it has been the perseverance of Ms Cyr, his wife, that we have to thank into re-kindling her husband's spirit which lives on in the revised edition of the Astroglossary.