3 Reasons to Self-Publish With Agora Publishing Montreal


Are you a would-be author or even a published author looking to be published in Montreal?  Have you tried traditional publishers and failed?  Do you want a professionally published book that matches the best in the industry but fear self-publishing?  If any of the answers to the above questions is yes, then visit Agora Publishing Montreal.  Agora is a non-profitable organization domiciled Canada and has been in business since 1997.

The organization has helped many to self-publish, and even succeed. And this opportunity is not just reserved to authors in Montreal but open to researchers, universities and experts worldwide. So, Mark Dawson, the self-publisher of the John Milton Assassin Series is no longer the only poster boy for self-publishing. There are so for many others. So quit frolicking around and get published.

There are various reasons for publishing with Agora publishing. Here are the primary three reasons:

Complete Control

Ordinary publishing houses work by means of nit-picking who works with their publishing plans.  Whenever they need to take a new author, they announce and authors apply in droves just the same way people apply for a job.  This author filtering system ensures traditional publishers only get the best ideas that have commercial potential.

But not all authors want commercial success. Some just want to share their ideas. Others simply want the fame. Traditional publishing is thus unnecessarily frustrating to authors and more beneficial to the publishers. Worse still, the few authors that get picked up, have to give up the rights to their work and have to play second fiddle to what happens after they get contracted.  Many have seen their work altered tremendously and even published years after the contract is signed.

As for Agora publishing, the author retains all the rights to their work.  They are thus able to pick the book design, and even its release and distribution. This control can compromise quality as authors are not able to tell if they have everything right.  Writers are not necessarily good designers or marketers. But while this has seen the release of substandard books, self-publishing has evolved and Agora publishing has tools that help authors polish their work , and even hire experts—to ensure their hard work is not compromised by the rush or short-cuts to the publishing process. So traditional publishers do not have the upper-hand on quality production anymore

Fast to set-up

Self-publishing relies upon an online platform that guides authors through the publishing process. So authors are able to register their books ISBN, upload and format their manuscripts, design the cover pages and then market their books. Agora Publishing even allows authors to select the marketing and distribution channels at the click of a button.  This whole process is down to a matter of minutes for authors that are adept at the whole process.

On the other hand, traditional publishing will take authors through an incredibly exhaustive system of manuscript acquisition, contracting, editing, designing, publishing and distribution. This can be expensive and can take days or even years, dependent upon the publishers’ typical working philosophy. Unmistakably, this routinely ensures only quality books are released but at what cost to the authors objectives?  Authors want their work out faster, and want to reach as many people as possible—besides eking out a decent living from it, if possible   That is why it  is such a big relief that modern self-publishing, through publishers like Agora Books, is able to achieve all that traditional publishers are able to do but in a much shorter time.

Bigger Outreach

Agora Self-publishing is a big blessing to authors when it comes to outreach.  Because authors retain all rights, they are able to pick what format works best (sound, paper back, and ebooks). They are also able to select the most ideal distribution channels, and cost. This determines how far their work performs in terms from outreach.  Traditional publishers, on their part, won’t rush to nit-pick all of the nuances above. They simply don’t have the time and patience to pick on the right format or even to interact with online followers, etc. They have distinctive plans on their slates that will keep them busy for a long time. They also already have income streams to focus on, than the work of an untested new author   However, when it comes to profit they will take the lion’s share an let the author enjoy the fame that comes with being a bestseller.  Self-publishers take the lion’s share of publishing at Agora Publishing.