3 Reasons to Self-Publish With Agora Publishing Ottawa


There are few things as fulfilling as writing a book to share information with others. That is why many famous persons, at later stages of their lives, get their biographies written.  However, in this time and age, one doesn’t need to be famous or extremely lucky to get their book published.  Print on demand,has revolutionized how the publishing industry works and now many have published,gotten famous and—like Mark Dawson, self-publishing author of the John Milton Assassin Series —gotten serious income from self-publishing.

Agora Publishing is making this possible by offering a self-publishing platform for creative professionals. There are many advantages for taking this approach and below are the top three reasons:

Complete control

Traditional publishing houses operate by carefully picking who best fits their publishing plans at the time. That means getting many interested authors to send them manuscripts. Then slowly sifting through it all, to emerge with a selected few or the single right author to work with. This alone can take months and create many anxious days for authors.  Once that is done the lucky author(s) signs off the rights for their book and the disappointed authors try the next publisher.  As for self-publishing,all authors get the chance to publish and all authors retain all publishing rights. This means they control the  content, the financial risk; product updates and anything else that pertains to product management—unlike when offset printing.  Does this compromise on quality?  No it doesn’t. Self-publishing authors now have access to affordable freelance editors and designers to equally match up the output to that of contemporary publishers.

Quick to set-up

Self-publishing is based on online platforms that allow authors to quickly select the design of their book, the pricing and the distribution channels at the mere click of a button. In other words, an author can set up their book for publishing and make it almost instantly available. On the other hand, traditional publishers will take authors through a very rigorous process of selection, contracting, editing, designing, market scheduling and book stocking—which is expensive and can take days or even years, depending on the publisher’s modus operandi.  Obviously, this often ensures only quality material is released but it delays the publishing break-even point. Remember, this only ensured quality which self-publishers can ensure too. 

Reach a wider audience

Self-publishing platforms are a godsend to authors when it comes to outreach and profit. Because the author retains all rights, they dictate their books’ distribution channels (audio, paper back, ebook), marketing channels, and price. This determines how far the book sales will reach.  Traditional publishers, on their part, will not be so keen to nit-pick all the details above. They simply don’t have the time for social media and followers etc. They have other projects on their slates that will provide them with busy schedules and a steady income flow.  Yet, when it comes to sharing the profits and rewards, it is shared between themselves and the author.

Are you an author in Ottawa area looking to have your manuscript published into a book? Are you stuck and frustrated that traditional publishers will not take on your project? Or are you looking to self-publish to fast track your publishing?

Then visit Agora Books—the non-profit organization domiciled Canada and started in 1997.  AgoraPublishing.com caters for writers by helping them self-publish.  This opportunity is not just limited to writers in Ottawa but also writers, students and professionals all over the world who want their work published.