Ottawa Book Expo: Authors, Cut Down Costs, Share Booths


As an independent author, you would often find yourself battling with the issue of exactly how much to spend on your book. Self-publishing, or publishing through an independent company is technically free. This is very enticing at the start, especially if you are not particularly well off. However, even as a self-publishing author, there are many instances where you may have to spend money; such as on your book cover, on editing, or on renting a booth at the Ottawa Book Expo.Ottawa Book Expo organizers understand this and this is the reason they are willing to allow authors to share booths in order to save costs.

Self-publishing does not have to cost a fortune, and this is something you will learn more about at the Ottawa book Expo.Marketing is one huge money pit when it comes to book publishing, but it does not always have to be. There are cheaper ways to promote your craft. You would be a fool not to fully take advantage of the power of book festivals.

There are a good number of scam publishers out there looking to take advantage of authors who are desperate to make their book visible. These companies are everywhere, and they want your money. How do you decide who to work with? How much you should part with? How will you know if it is worth it? Paying for promotion does not guarantee sales, so what if you spend all your money promoting your book and end up with nothing in return?

The answer to all these questions lies with a professional. The Ottawa Book Expo will be one of the largest gatherings of authors, publishers and other professionals who want to link up with each other and reach out to a larger audience in Ottawa, Canada and all over the world.

Invited guests, include the current president of the Ottawa Independent Writers (OIW), Susan A. Jennings, she would display her works on historical fiction, love story and contemporary romance. She is also expected to speak to upcoming authors on her journey as a writer.

The major thing that sets self-published books apart from the traditionally published books is bad editing. This is a shame and a problem that could easily be solved by working with the right self-publishing company. You would get a chance to meet the right self-publishing company at the Ottawa Book Festival.

You cannot and should not rely on your own judgement as to when your book is ready for publication.At the Expo, you can meet and hire experts in the field who can help them to effectively navigate the world of book publishing in this digital age.

The Expo would hold at the Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park . It would be an opportunity to learn about new opportunities in the digital publishing space.Interested participants, who live outside Ottawa and do not want to travel, are invited to apply to become a ‘Featured Virtual Exhibitor’.