Ottawa Book Expo Expects 60 Exhibitors; including authors, publishers, and booksellers


Are you an author, publisher or bookseller? Have you ever been to a book expo?

Book expos are exhibitions hosted by various organizations that want to make new books available to the public. They could be standalone events or can be part of a larger event. Book festivals are a great way to get a wide selection of books for a relatively lower price. They usually last a day or several days and often follow a certain theme that helps them reach out to a specific kind of clientele. Book expos would usually offer resources for a reasonable price and allow up and coming writers to make a fan base for their work.

The Ottawa Book Expo is a grassroots-oriented author, publisher, bookseller and literary services festival which supports authors and publishers who seek to promote marginalized voices such as those of different cultural backgrounds, gender and LGBTQ communities. It is scheduled to hold on Sunday, October 20th, 2019, and several authors and publishers have been booked to attend.The Expo would hold at the Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park.It would be an opportunity to learn about new opportunities in the digital publishing space.

What are some of the benefits of attending the Ottawa Book Festival ?

  • Meet up to 60 other exhibitors. This is great for getting new fans and reconnecting with old ones.
  • Get a chance to spread the word of your book and make a good impression with big-time publishing companies.
  • Get some much-needed exposure. The Book Expo will give you the publicity you need to put your book on the map.
  • Form lasting friendships with fellow writers. These connections might help your business in future.
  • At the expo, you have a better chance of selling your book. This is most important as you get to make some money from your work. Book expos are a great way to sell books. They give you the chance to expand your books selling ability. They also give you the ability to make an impact and meet or create your fan base. This means thatthe Ottawa Book Expo istremendously useful for writers who want to promote and sell their books well.
  • The Ottawa book festival is more than just selling books. The Ottawa book expo is also a way to draw people together and feed the less privileged. This enables people who love literature to come together and take part in the beauty of the written word. There would also be food available.
  • There would be no social divisions at the Ottawa book festival. It is open to both upcoming and veteran writers, young and old, rich and poor. It would attract participants from all over Ottawa. Writers from all over the world who cannot be physically present would also be featured as virtual exhibitors. It is an avenue for everyone who has a love of literature from every denomination to enjoy their love of books together. This includes authors, booksellers and publishers.