When the Poet Met the Publisher to Co-create Peacock Press and ‘Because I Can’


Once upon a time, two people – who had only recently met each other but had known all along that they would become friends for life – were having a heartfelt conversation.

One was an aspiring publisher and the other a budding poet.

The poet had never shown her work to anyone because it was so personal and heart-rending. The publisher-to-be had been sharing her hopes and dreams with everyone she met, even when they laughed in her face as soon as she revealed her “ambitious plan” to start a publishing company some day.

The conversation between the poet and publisher that day led to many things (more on that later!), including the realization that they could turn their supportive friendship into a constructive business relationship.

And this is how, ladies and gentlemen, Peacock Press was incorporated!

What followed (and are still on!) were many brain-storming sessions and sleepless nights working over content, design and strategy to not only publish a book of poetry but also run a successful publishing business.

The dynamic duo – Hanieh Khoshkhou and Shabana Ansari – are determined to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of everyone who shares their passion for well-written and well-designed books.

The co-founders of Peacock Press are passionate about telling stories that often go unheard and are committed to providing a platform to anyone who has ever felt marginalized or underrepresented. Through the books they publish and the stories they tell, Hanieh and Shabana are hoping to fill the diversity gap in publishing while starting meaningful conversations around the need for more inclusive storytelling.

They have recently released their first book “Because I Can”, written by Hanieh, a collection of poetry and prose about love, longing, and living a full life despite all the odds. It is written as one-liners to read quickly, or at leisure depending on your mood, when you feel like you need to hear a voice not unlike your own.

Hanieh and Shabana look forward to meeting you at the Ottawa Book Expo on Sunday October 20 and talking at length about their publishing journey so far while proudly showcasing “Because I Can”, the first of many more books that they hope to publish through Peacock Press.

“Because I Can” is also available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07X2TPDMP?pf_rd_p=46535598-d2e0-4bc4-8392-182d8c1e93fc&pf_rd_r=HR8XWMN9AHD0J4WSCE46