Ottawa Book Expo 2020: A Literary and Literal Feast Awaits


The Ottawa Book Expo and the Smoque Shack come together this 2020 to bring you the perfect marriage of Canadian cuisine and literary culture. There is nothing better than spending the day amongst books while indulging in comfort food. Spoil your eyes on a literary feast while enjoying a literal feast in celebration of Canadian cuisine and culture.

Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is getting ready to bring you a local literary experience like no other. A partnership between the book expo and Smoque Shack promises a physically and intellectually satiating experience.

To celebrate the brilliance of Canadian cuisine and the local literary culture, the Great Canadian Barbecue™ will be launched alongside the expo. Ottawa Book Expo this 2019 was an incredible success. One can only assume that 2020’s book expo will be an even more significant event.

It’s no secret that books and food are essential to life. Having an expo that not only encourages you to immerse yourself in between pages of hundreds of books but also to eat your heart out is a recipe for a day well spent. What’s even better is, the book expo and the barbecue will be around for a total of four days!

Contacting to get tickets early will entitle you to an early bird rate of only $89.00 per day. The tickets not only ensure you’re well-fed and able to sample all the different food served each day but allow you to peruse the expo at no additional cost as well.

There are four days you could choose from, which means there’s enough for everyone. The Great Canadian Barbecue™ will be serving food from 11:00 AM until 5 PM on June 7, 2020, and July 24-26, 2020.

The Great Canadian Barbecue™ boasts a wide array of tapas-style barbecue options in addition to the variety of other Canadian food being served.

Each ticket holder will be entitled to one serving of each dish. However, according to the discretion of Smoque Shack, additional meal servings may be claimed.

The extensive menu includes Canadian favourites and mystery featured items. Among the food being served, you can also see non-barbecue things like jerk chicken egg rolls. The egg rolls are perfect for snacking while you walk down the line of booths showcasing different books.

You will also be entitled to a serving of pulled pork sliders. Sliders are a classic barbecue staple. Speaking of barbecue staples, the Great Canadian Barbecue™ will also bombard you with smoked dishes in Smoque Shack’s signature style.

Smoque Shack will provide stunning options including their signature Smoqued Andouille sausage corn dogs and skewered Smoqued shrimp served alongside timeless favourites like two bones of pork ribs and the all-time favourite brisket served on a crustini with horseradish mayonnaise.

The main dish and appetizer selection alone is enough to leave your mouth watering. However, that’s not all the Great Canadian Barbecue™ has to offer. You’ll also have multiple side options like mini mac and cheeses. Smoque Shack has outdone itself by elevating cornbread to mouth-watering standards by serving cornbread slathered with jalapeno and cheddar infused butter.

The Ottawa Book Expo is not the only book event you could attend this 2020. However, in the midst of all the book fairs and expos you could choose from, the Ottawa Book Expo is unique in exploring and celebrating local talent.

Support local grassroots-oriented authors, publishers and literary vendors by buying a ticket and exploring the vast pool of literary talent Canada has to offer.

The Ottawa Book Expo will be showcasing a wide selection of local authors. The ultimate goal of the Book Expo is to help authors and local publishers become successful in the industry and cultivate the literary culture in Canada.

It’s fantastic to see events that encourage the local love for literary genius while celebrating some of Canada’s favourite food. If your mouth isn’t watering by now, I guarantee your bookworm heart is swelling at the thought of a locally-grown book expo.

What else is there to look for? Immerse yourself in a whole day (or four) of literary and edible greatness. Perhaps the most remarkable takeaway from the event is that it will cultivate a stronger and larger culture for literary and Canadian love and support.