Parties, Lunch, Teas and Tongue Twisters, Loads of Fun, Let’s Celebrate!


In Buffy’s Big Cat Door Buffy wants you to join his party. Buffy has no siblings. He wants friends to play with him. Buffy wishes upon a star that he will make new friends.

His wish comes true and now he has friends. Meet Squeak a squirrel, Stinky a skunk, and Rosemary and Thyme two rabbits.

Buffy’s mother is at the vet.  Now it’s time to party! Buffy’s friends come through his cat door. Everyone is having a good time … until a surprise visitor arrives, and Buffy’s mother come home.

Hungry for lunch? In What Do Teddy Bears Like to Eat? Chef Henri would like to invite you to share his Rainbow Soup. It is full of Spanish onions, red, orange and yellow tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and purple beets and carrots.

After lunch come to a tea party hosted by Ginger. You can join Ginger, her aunt, uncle and cousin for a tea party fit for a Queen!

There will be a Queen bear made with ginger bread sitting on a throne made with scones filled with strawberry jam. There will be ginger bear girls and boys decorated with coloured marzipan.

Pots of marmalade, strawberry jam and clotted cream will be on the table. Tea will be served in a pale green glazed teapot with matching cups and saucers.

Still hungry? Try Captain Bob’s Banana Split Boat. It is loaded with fudge and vanilla ice cream studded with golden pineapple, mango, and rubies made from green and red Jujubes.

After reading What Do Teddy Bears Like to Eat? you will know what to feed your bears to keep them healthy and happy.

Every party needs to have games. Why not try tongue twisters? Tony Turtle’s Tiny Tongue Twisters is a collection of twenty-six animal tongue twisters from A to Z. 

Some are easy and some are hard.  Try saying “Bert Beaver blows blue balloons.” “Larry Lion loves lemonade.” or “Zelda Zebra zips zipper” five times fast. 

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