Special Agent, Explorer, Environmental Leader, Traveller, Sorceress, Queen, Inventor or Pirate Who will you be Today?


If you are a young girl who loves adventure and wants strong female characters the World of Storyteller Laurie is the place for you.

Do you want to be a detective and solve mysteries?  Join Fiona Flying Fox Special Agent and follow the clues in Fiona Flying Fox Special Agent and the Mystery at the Rainbow Zoo. Fiona Flying Fox has to find out why the animals and birds are turning pink and purple. Can you and Fiona solve this mystery before it is too late?

In Gracie’s Flights of Fancy grab an umbrella and float down the stream with Gracie, a young gosling. Gracie is running away from home because she does not to grow up.  She meets Beaver and Frog who have a band Pond Scum. Beaver is the drummer and Frog is the singer. Will Gracie join the band and leave her family?

In Gracie’s Dreamyou can be an environmental crusader. Gracie now a mother, wants her goslings to live in a clean green world.  She tells her young ones even if you are small you can still help out.  Gracie sends her children out to spread the news about a cleanup campaign.  They seek the help of the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. Use your young voices and get people to help you pick up litter!

In TheAdventures of Lucy the Lynxyou can escape with Lucy from the wildlife sanctuary where she lives with her family.  Her dream is to travelto Alaska to see wild eagles soar, dolphins playing in the waves, and climb with mountain goats up the steep mountain peaks.

Do you like magic?  Enter Esther’s chamber. She is a sorceress and herbalist.  She is busy making potions and lotions to cure the animals that live in the Green Valley and the Red Maple Forest.

Esther faces her greatest challenge in Wink’s Magic Tale. She adopts an abandoned squirrel. He is small and sickly. He does not want to eat.  She loves this tiny helpless orphan and does not want to lose him. 

The one food Wink will eat is corn. But there is not enough corn to feed him. Esther gives his him a magic bag of corn to feed Wink’s insatiable appetite.

Esther’s act of magic has unforeseen consequences for her life, Wink’s and the animals in her community.

Finally, do you want to be the most powerful Queen in the world?   Meet Queen Bella, Queen of the Barbary apes. She lives in a pink palace in Gibraltar.  She is huge and imposing in size.

She wears the rarest of orchids and butterflies in her hair. She struts around her palace like a regal peacock.

Queen Bella is not satisfied in having one of the largest private collection of exotic animals in the world. She wants to have the largest collection!  But she wants more! She wants to dominate world trade!

Jane her sister is an inventor. She invents asailing ship that can fly to the moon.

She wants to know if the moon is hot or cold, soft or hard. Someone told her it was made from cheese.

Queen Bella wants this ship.  She believes that if she can capture the moon, she can control its orbit and thus control the height of ocean tides.  Ships need high tides to leave their ports and sail across the ocean.  The closer the moon is to the earth, the stronger its pull on the earth, and the higher the tides.

Queen Bella’s daughter Princess Alice does not want to stay in the palace. She wants to be a pirate. She wants to sail across the sea and visit her Aunt Jane.

This is a story of sibling rivalry between two sisters, with a young princess caught in between.

Who will win this struggle?  Will Princess Alice become a pirate?  All will be revealed in the exciting tale of Captain Katz and the Race for the Moon.

Excerpts of FionaFlying Fox Special Agent and the Mystery at the Rainbow Zoo,Gracie’s Flights of Fancy, Gracie’s Dream,The Adventures of Lucy the Lynx,Wink’s Magic Tale, and Captain Katz and the Race for the Moon can be read at https://storytellerlaurie.com