Let Your Imagination Take Flight with Storyteller Laurie


Ever dream of wanting to escape and fly high above the clouds? You can do this in the world of Storyteller Laurie.

Flying moose in a red canoe. Pigs that can fly sky high. A tiger who flies around the world in a Tiger Moth Plane. Your spirits will be lifted with these tales.

Gordon is a moose with a free spirit. North to Yukon he follows his dream of seeing the Northern Lights. Above his head in the inky sky are shimmering bright green lights. He steps into a red canoe pulled by three Husky dogs. With yelps and howls that would raise a ghost they fly into the huge heavenly orbit.  What happens to Gordon? You can find out by reading Follow the Wind Gordon and the Northern Lights.

Have you ever looked at your pets and wondered what they are thinking? Picture a really hot summer day. Two cats and a rabbit are stretched out on a patch of grass. They look like they are sleeping but they are not.

Buster a brown Tabby cat wants to be a chicken. He thinks it would be cooler to wear chicken feathers. Bunny asks Buster, “Can chickens fly? … Can turkeys fly?” Fiona a grey Tabby Cat rolls her eyes.

Then Hartley a turkey struts into the yard and Bunny pops the question, “Can turkeys fly?”

Hartley replies, “Pigs will fly before I take to the sky.”

Has Hartley uttered fateful words? What happens to Hartley?  Find out in Flying Pigs, Horse Flies and the Big Rain, a retelling of the Great Flood for modern times.

Feeling a bit blue? Want to travel but on a budget? Why not let Tiger Tom take you around the world in his Tiger Moth Plane. In Tiger Tom Finds a NewSound you can fly to South America. Dance at the Carnival in Rio. Paddle board with penguins in the Falkland Islands. Climb the mountains in Bolivia and meet Lazarus the Llama. He will tell you, “If you are blue try something new.”

Or... if you prefer the “Land Down Under” let Tiger Tom take you to Australia in Tiger Tom inDouble Trouble.  There you can hop with kangaroos and try to play the didgeridoo.  This is a land where travel plans can change, and your wishes may not come true.

Excerpts of Follow the Wind Gordon and the Northern Lights, Flying Pigs Horse Flies andthe Big Rain, Tiger Tom Finds a New Song, and Tiger Tom in Double Trouble can be read at https://storytellerlaurie.com