Badger Tales: The Teacup Fliers


Badger Tales: “The Teacup Fliers” is the first installment of an ongoing children’s fiction series called “Badger Tales”. In each book, Grandma Badger tells her three grandchildren a bedtime story. In this story, two little mice sail the skies in search of an adventure. But there’s a catch: They aren’t sure what an adventure is! Mr. and Mrs. Mouse soar their teacup parachute over dark forests, jagged mountains, and deep blue seas, seeking help from animals they meet along the way. In the end, they realize they were having an adventure all along!

Young readers will be delighted to share this journey of courage and curiosity with Mr. and Mrs. Mouse, as they are “in on the secret” before the characters discover it themselves.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Ottawa Book Expo!