International publishers apply to become vendors at Ottawa Book Expo's Great Canadian Barbeque


The Ottawa Book Expo’s Great Canadian Barbecue has sparked excitement within the Canadian literary community. Recent announcements regarding the expo’s participants have surfaced and among them: the revelation that international publishers are applying to be one of the expo’s vendors. The news sparks excitement among the community due to the fact that this will bring diversity and accessibility to international titles while allowing aspiring Canadian authors to be recognized on a global level.

Bookworms and authors alike are rejoicing with the news that Ottawa Book Expo’s Great Canadian Barbecue has garnered international support. The news comes as a beacon of hope for authors aspiring to be recognized at a global level and will allow local bookworms to gain access to a diverse range of international titles all in one place.

The presence of international publishers will open up local readers’ eyes to titles not typically sold in local Canadian bookstores. This is an excellent opportunity to inspire more locals to pick up a book and read in addition to feeding the local literary culture.

This also presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase Canada’s culture and cuisine to international publishers. The cultural showcase of Canada’s pride and culinary roots would prove to be a solidifying anchor in familiarizing global publishers with Canadian talent.

The eye-opening show of cultural love is an excellent chance for aspiring authors to gain a leg up on international submissions. Aspiring Canadian authors will gain more exposure to global publishing companies. Said exposure would only prove to benefit future aspiring authors by making them less alien to international publishers.

More and more international publishing companies are looking into culturally diverse work. However, with the wide variety of cultures to choose from, they may opt to steer toward work with a cultural background that they are more familiar with. 

Publishers apply here for the review of your vendor application to Ottawa Book Expo.

Local authors and publishing companies will also benefit from the presence of international publishing companies. Among the many great things about being a vendor at Ottawa Book Expo’s Great Canadian Barbecue is the chance to mingle and trade “war stories” with like-minded folk. The opportunity to mingle with larger international publishing companies will allow local authors and publishing companies to gain insight into the machinations of international success.

The local literary industry will only benefit from the presence of international publishers. The benefits include widening the range of opportunities for the local literary industry, allowing the local authors and publishing companies the chance to solidify a relationship with international publishing companies.

The interactions will only mean that local authors who aspire to be internationally regarded will have the chance to promote their book. Most importantly, it allows them the opportunity to showcase the ability of their book to sell directly alongside international publishers. It is no secret that larger publishing companies often opt to go for authors who they know have already sold their work previously. The favour is due to the fact that authors who have already had exposure with readers are more natural to promote.

It isn’t difficult to understand why publishing companies do this. Ultimately, it boils down to business and returning their investment. Publishing a book by a well-known author is always a dramatic roll of the dice. Some of the work will be recognized, and some still have the chance to flop. The same can be said for publishing unknown work. However, the risks are relatively higher compared to that of an already established author.

Ottawa Book Expo’s Great Canadian Barbecue is the literary event of 2020. There is virtually no better way of spending one of your designated “unplugged” days by frolicking amongst stacks of books while savouring some of Canada’s best culinary wonders.

The event is a culmination of Smoque Shack and the Ottawa Book Expo’s partnership. Early bird tickets will be available for $89 per day and would allow you uninhibited access to the expo while munching on tapas-style barbecue and some of Smoque Shack’s signature dishes, among other delicacies.

Afraid you’ll miss out? Don’t worry! Ottawa Book Expo’s Great Canadian Barbecue will bring you a literary and literal feast starting from 11 AM until 5 PM on June 7, 2020, and July 24-26, 2020. Save the dates and buy your tickets, this event is one for the books you cannot miss.