Ottawa Book Expo 2020 Welcomes Asian Authors and Publishers to Multicultural Event


Dive into works portraying diverse cultures written and published by Asian Authors and Publishers in the 2020 Ottawa Book Expo. The non-profit Expo celebrating diverse cultures across the literary industry welcomes the addition of authors and publishers from China, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia among many others.

The Ottawa Book Expo welcomes various Asian authors and publishers to the 2020 event with the goal of diversifying the local literary community. The move can be seen as a great stride toward uniting bookworms of different cultures and brewing a literary community that is as culturally diverse as possible.

The Expo will ultimately showcase and cultivate the cultural diversity of the local literary community. Local bookworms, authors and publishers are abuzz with the addition of Asian literary representation, which will provide an insight into the Asian literary industry.

The presence of Asian authors and publishers will also allow local bookworms to gain access to titles not readily available in the Canadian market. The multi-cultural addition was decided in the hopes of diversifying the Canadian literary community and provides an opportunity for local bookworms to expand their knowledge of other cultures.

Among the many benefits to the local literary industry, local authors and publishers will gain valuable insight into the Asian literary markets. The additional information will allow them to learn trends in the Asian literary industry, which will ultimately allow them to be competitive in all aspects of the industry.

Published and aspiring authors alike will be afforded the chance to mingle with Asian authors and publishers in the hopes of expanding to the Asian market in the future. There will also be a significant opportunity to create friendships and connections with authors and publishers across the globe, which will ultimately give local authors and publishers an advantage in the literary industry.

Local authors and publishers will be able to gain friendships and ultimately learn new things about the dynamic literary industry. That the literary industry employs a stagnant art of writing is a misconception. The literary industry is dynamic and is constantly changing. The application of technological advances has made it both easier and more complicated to become successful in the industry.

The addition of Asian authors and publishers also seeks to encourage those involved in the literary industry to dive into diverse cultures and social issues in their work. Ultimately, this would allow for the local literary community to have more diversity and valuable resources for all types of bookworms.

The Ottawa Book Expo is a unique event that was organized by established literary giants for authors and publishers hoping to succeed in the field. Among the many benefits of participating and supporting the celebration of different cultures in literary works is that it provides a chance for both authors and potential readers to connect on a personal level.

Often, books go unnoticed in typical bookstore settings due to the lack of a personal touch and the presence of hundreds of other books to choose from. Truly, the best way to promote your work and your message effectively is to personally promote it.

Authors and publishers will have the chance to recommend books on a personal level while employing the commercial expertise of the people behind the Ottawa Book Expo. The commercial aspect of the Book Expo is attractive in itself because it prioritizes grassroots-oriented authors and publishers and empowers them to succeed further in the industry.

The Ottawa Book Expo will spread out across four days of literary and culinary celebration alongside the Great Canadian Barbecue and several of Ottawa’s best local restaurants.

Surely the ultimate unplugged experience of 2020, spend the day—or days, perusing various titles while munching on the best food Ottawa has to offer. Even though you aren’t a fan of books in general, you will surely find something that entices you.

If in the unlikely event you are not seduced by the various multicultural titles on display, it is still worth frolicking amongst the different food stands and trying out each offering. Who knows? If you don’t find your next favourite read, you might fall in love with a restaurant you’ve never tried before.

Purchase your tickets now and secure your admission into the multicultural literary and culinary event of the year.