Secrets of an Elusive Father


When author Caroll Lesage was connected with his half-sister, neither of them could predict the secrets they would unearth together about their father.  From secret love affairs and love triangles to adoption and bigamy, the further they dig into their family history, the more mysteries surface.  Secrets of an Elusive Father is part memoir, part genealogical uncovering of one son's search for the truth about his father.

Caroll Lesage leans into difficult subjects, such as sexual abuse, rape and sexual orientation.  Lesage hopes to reach others facing their own family difficulties and show them they're not alone in their struggles.  He demonstrates the power of forgiveness and compassion.

Readers in search of their next titllating family drama will enjoy unraveling the secrets tangled in this memoir and learning of the sacrifices that one father will make to protect his family.  

This book was nominated by Friesen Press staff as one of their favorite books.