The Caged (Book 2 of The Herman and Jayce Trilogy


Herman and his granddaughter Jayce are back and this time they are off to Hong Kong. Good friends, Simon and Grace are getting married and that is where Grace’s mother, Lucy lives. All has been meticulously planned by Lucy, until Herman gets involved. With stubbornness being the only thing they have in common, will their differences spoil everything? And how will Jayce react to matters close to her heart when she is exposed to certain cultural differences and restraints: and temptation?

An unplanned setback before the wedding creates friendships and opportunities for change, but will that be for the better? And back in Alice Springs when the new friends and family members unwittingly find themselves caught up in a trap of deception set by a nasty duo, will these plans that are mired in greed and retaliation succeed in tearing lives apart?

The Caged is the second instalment in the Herman and Jayce series. The theme touches upon willingness to seek understanding as a means through which to mitigate life’s barriers. It is suited to young adult readers (10+), but Herman would like it too.