40 Canadian kids books to read in spring 2023


Here are the Canadian kids books we are excited about this season.

City of Neighbors by Andrea Curtis, illustrated by Katy Dockrill

City of Neighbors is a picture book that journeys around the world to discover how people have created new ways to ensure that their cities and neighbourhoods are creative, inclusive and environmentally sustainable. This book is part of the ThinkCities series which is inspired by the urgency for new approaches to city life as a result of climate change.

City of Neighbors is for ages 8 to12. 

Andrea Curtis is a Toronto-based author of books for children and adults. Her ThinkCities series also includes A Forest in the City, City of Water and City Streets are for People. She is also the author of the young adult novel Big Water. Her adult books include Into the Blue, which won of the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction, and The Stop, which was co-authored with Nick Saul.

Katy Dockrill is an illustrator from Toronto. She also illustrated City of Water in the ThinkCities series.