Conservative Fiction Author and Founder of Braeburn Road Books, Paula Weiss, Releases Her Latest Novel, "The Deplorable Underground"


FAIRFAX, Va., Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Conservative fiction author and founder of Braeburn Road Books, Paula Weiss, has just released her latest novel, "The Deplorable Underground." It is a sequel to its predecessor, the dystopian societal drama and spy thriller, "The Antifan Girlfriend," although it can be read separately. In "The Deplorable Underground," the protagonists, Malia and David, think they've escaped the Diversity Justice Republic (DJR) for good, but their mission is far from over. The tyrannical DJR government hasn't forgotten them and is scheming to kidnap them from their safe haven in the US and bring them back for punishment. The books are set in a post US civil war future in which the US has divided into a repressive DJR, a still-free United States and a Texas Republic, with other states seceding to Canada.

The DJR is the country that most Americans still want to avoid becoming. Here in the United States, our cultural divides have become political divides over the American future. We're experiencing stark partisan differences on major cultural issues—Critical Race Theory (CRT), transgender education in schools, our history, the term "woke," and even the fundamental values of American society. "The Deplorable Underground" and "The Antifan Girlfriend" ask some critical questions about our future:

Will your grandchildren celebrate Coronavirus Day, Saturnalia, and Earth Day instead of the Fourth of July and Christmas? What happens to a society in which most adults don't have fathers? What happens when your own labor and efforts do not determine your reward, and when a social credit system imported from China determines who has access to adequate groceries, vacations, air travel and even the park? What happens when many find gun ownership and open expressions of religious faith more offensive than rising crime rates? "The Deplorable Underground" explores these controversial topics in a highly compelling dystopian tale that is all too real.

A Unique Look Into a Dystopian Future That is Completely Plausible

"The Deplorable Underground" warns against the folly of hiding from the threat that was presented in "The Antifan Girlfriend." David and Malia are drawn back into the DJR from their haven in the United States. Battle breaks out between the elite woke Social Crediteers and the oppressed Deplorables, as the characters champion different visions of the future, and as the DJR slides backwards into a darker, savage reality.

Readers are responding favorably to the "The Deplorable Underground." Per reader, Lynne, "It's rare for a sequel to surpass the original. This one does. It's tight, suspenseful, terrifying...once you start, you won't want to put it down." Linda D., says, "I waited patiently for this sequel to come out and it didn't disappoint…Paula Weiss has envisioned a woke future that sadly enough can be realistically imagined, but the love and the courage of the protagonists shine through and gives me the hope that good will triumph over evil. I hope there will be a third book!"

"The Antifan Girlfriend" and "The Deplorable Underground" are available for purchase on and Kindle, as well as via Braeburn Road Books website: