New Book Is a Call-to-Action Guide to Reevaluate Waste Management


SOUTH BEND, Ind., Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Every year, millions of tons of waste go to landfills across the country and are considered safely buried to decompose. The new book, "Reinvent Your Waste," proposes that there are more innovative ways to recover waste and create greater economic value.

Author Tyler Kanczuzewski hits on many topics, but all are aligned to handle waste in a more sustainable and steward-like way. He also touches on what the growing waste is doing to natural ecosystems and the Earth's ancient systems, and if the negative impact of waste can somehow be reversed.

"I want to educate all people about the history of waste evolution, recycling solutions, and ideas to reinvent and revalue waste as a resource," said Kanczuzewski.

The book highlights four aspects of waste management – respect, recover, reinvent, and restore. Each section offers insights and ideas for those who want to be better stewards for the plant. Kanczuzewski immersed himself in the West Michigan sustainability community, while working on his MBA at Grand Valley State University, and decided to emphasize these aspects to potentially help curb the current "trash dilemma."

"I hope anyone who reads this is inspired to use trash as a resource," said Kanczuzewski. "Together we can help create a sustainable shift for Earth!"