Author Reflects on Her Own Life to Explore the Impact of Choices


LAUREL, Md., Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- At the age of 50, author Patience Frisby left her children in Maryland and moved to Charlotte, N.C., to follow her lifelong dream of attending law school. While in law school, Frisby made choices that led to her being academically dismissed and left to rebuild her life.

In "How Did I Get Here: The Power of Choices," Frisby shares her personal and spiritual transformation during the journey and, as a Christian, she compares her choices with those of biblical characters. She also documents how those choices affected her destiny.

"The power of choice can have a positive or negative effect, and it can bring you to your destiny or away from it," said Frisby. "Your choices are a guiding path that lead to your desires, based on what is chosen."

As Frisby found the strength to move forward and a renewed faith in God, she details how she rebuilt her life by making intentional choices, fueled by the wisdom of the Bible. She provides the Bible verses that helped her through the difficult times and explains how they informed her now deliberate path in life.

"I thought about writing this book after hearing a sermon about how the choices we make affect our lives to an extent we don't even realize," said Frisby. "When reflecting on life, it is easy to blame the lack of money, resources, and education, but looking at the choices we make can answer many questions."