Teacher and Author Educates Readers on Misunderstood Evangelism Doctrine


COOKEVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Over 20 years ago, author Thomas Jones says the Holy Spirit led him to begin a teaching ministry for the purpose of equipping the body of Christ. He continues his efforts in the release of his new book, "Worldview and Reason: Equipping the Christian Mind for Making Disciples in a Skeptical World."

Jones wants readers to be able to differentiate between the cliches and the reality of what a Christian worldview is. His thought-provoking chapters are designed to inspire a more mindful awareness of Christian cultural habits, critical thinking ability, and the regression of Christian credibility in culture.

"The Christian worldview is not your conservative political persuasion, belief in traditional marriage, pro-life stance on abortion or support for Israel in geopolitical matters," Jones said. "A worldview answers the four most important questions of life: the origin of the world, meaning of life, existence of moral knowledge, and our destiny after death. All four must be associated in a coherent relationship for a rational worldview to be maintained."

"Worldview and Reason" also covers a vast spread of topics, such as the fundamental functions of the church, the modern Christian image, and practical insights for engaging with atheists and skeptics.

"The church should be an asset to Christians, through its strategic approach in equipping them to engage the unbelieving world," Jones said. "The great commission of Jesus requires us to teach and instruct the world so it may come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ."

Jones plans to release a workbook to accompany "Worldview and Reason," designed for a small group setting. It will expand on the book's topics, offer in-depth bible studies to complement each section, and direct critical discussion topics for participants. The purpose is to allow a facilitator to effectively lead a small group in an organized way with flexibility for how to engage the material.