Lesbian and Queer Womyn Singles Weekend comes to Ottawa in April


Calling all singles ages 24 and above! Get ready for a groundbreaking dating experience in Canada's capital as Lesbian and Queer Womyn Slow Dating Events make their debut at Ottawa International Food and Book Expo 2024 this April. Proudly introducing a novel approach to dating, these events promise opportunities for unique and meaningful connections among lesbian and queer women.

In a world where traditional speed dating can feel rushed and impersonal, slow dating events aim to provide a refreshing alternative. Open to singles aged 24 and above, this inclusive and diverse gathering welcomes lesbian and queer women from Ottawa, across Canada, and beyond.

The concept of slow dating revolves around fostering genuine connections at a comfortable pace.

Here's how the slow dating event unfolds:

Once you purchase a ticket, expect a confirmation email from our team. Keep an eye on your inbox for important details. On the day of the event, get ready in your best outfit and prepare some interesting talking points—first impressions matter!

Arrive 15 minutes before the event starts. Take the initial moments to mingle, relax, and enjoy the company of other guests. Once everyone is settled, participants will be introduced to each other. Discover common interests organically, without the need for artificial icebreakers. Get comfortable and get ready to connect.

The slow dating event provides an authentic space for meaningful conversations. At the end of the evening, feel free to approach the host if there's someone you were too shy to connect with during the session.

Why choose in-person slow dating over other options? First, our experienced organizers boast over 15 years of event planning expertise. Second, our slow dating events are the most affordable in Ottawa. Slow dating is not about cycling through large groups of people with forced conversations. Instead, we encourage participants to take their time, genuinely get to know each other, and perhaps even learn more about themselves in the process.

Inclusivity is paramount to the Ottawa Queer Womyn Slow Dating event. The organizers strive to create a safe and welcoming space for all attendees. The evening is structured to provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment where everyone can mix and mingle.

Admission includes a comforting cup of coffee or tea and a delightful scone. The event will feature conversational-level music to create a relaxed atmosphere that embraces diversity: everyone is welcome to mix and mingle.

Please note there is a strict policy against poor etiquette, which includes leaving the event early once it has started. By purchasing a ticket, attendees commit to staying for the entire duration of the slow dating event.

As April approaches, gear up for an extraordinary weekend of genuine encounters at the Lesbian and Queer Womyn's Singles Weekend in Ottawa. Purchase your ticket now and be part of a dating experience like no other!